Capturing A TimeLapse Painting: College Baths Road, UK

I was recently asked to make a painting for someone who would bring it as a gift to London, UK. Since it would be small I figured it wouldn’t take me long so thought I’d take the opportunity to create a timelapse of the work in progress. I used a little piece of freeware called Gawker from I like it because I can set the intervals between frame captures (30 seconds, a minute, etc.) and when it’s done it will generate a little video file I can easily import into any video editing software. I used FinalCutPro, but you can use Adobe Premiere or iMovie or even use the free online creation tools now available on YouTube.

I painted this in one sitting (about 4 hours). The music is from a THE PEEL SESSIONS of a little known defunct band called TWA TOOTS.