Your Page Likes My Page

Here’s a Facebook ‘LIKE’ tip:

This tip is for those (and there are many) who use Facebook for promotion of their artwork, gallery or arts organization. As individuals, we all know that we can LIKE a page on Facebook, but did you know your art organization or gallery PAGE can also LIKE another organization, artist or gallery professional page? Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your organization or professional PAGE, click ‘Use Facebook as <your professional page>’ and find other pages to LIKE.

2. When you are finished, be sure to go back to your professional PAGE and return using Facebook as you, otherwise you’ll keep using Facebook as your professional page.

Why should your page like other pages?

Your page liking other pages is a great way for your organization to create positive associations with or endorse others in your professional network.  Your gallery or art organization page could like:

• your artists’ pages
• your member pages
• organizations from where you receive funding
• organizations that pertain to your business

In effect, it builds a network on Facebook.  You can see what’s happening with these pages on your page news feed. To see this, go to your page and click to use Facebook as <your professional page> again. Then click on Facebook home in the top left. There you’ll see a feed of only other pages your page has liked.

Join the conversation!

You can’t comment on a Facebook page as your page unless you first like it. Also, by commenting on a page as your page you can increase the visibility of your page, thereby creating opportunities for your page to be a thought leader and increase more likes on your own page.

Switching between your personal account and your professional page is a great way to keep your personal interests separate from your organization’s. It will help to weed out what your family or friends are doing from what important updates are happening with the organizations or people you deal with professionally. And your page’s news feed will only show updates on the pages you’ve liked.

Want to see which pages like yours?

Under your number of LIKES on the left side of your page, click ‘like this’. Then, from the dropdown menu, select the Pages tab. You’ll be able to see all the other pages that like yours.

The best way to increase the number of pages that like yours? 

Start LIKING!  When you like a page, leave them a note on their wall (if it’s active) and tell them you liked them or comment on their postings. These interactions are often reciprocal. Depending on an organization’s social media policy, they may or may not LIKE you back, but chances are they will if they have some professional association with you or your page.

Try it out!

If you have a page, log into it and then go to my Facebook Page and LIKE it! Leave me a comment to and I’ll defiantly check out your page!

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